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NEW!  Now Made For Vegetarians & Fruitarians Also!


Whether seriously sick, forever tired, hopelessly depressed, seemingly allergic to almost everything or immensely overweight, here come the reinforcements to the rescue!


The Saints Diet is a 500 calorie a day diet that is designed to leave one feeling overly full at first, and then to maintain a comfort zone for those who are constantly receiving a false hormonal hunger signal. And best of all it achieves this with menus including organic spaghetti, chili, stroganoff, pasta, steak, chow mein, burgers and teriyaki while causing an average weight loss of 1/2 to 1 pound of pure fat (not water and not muscle) almost every day.


This diet also reveals foods that can inflame the hypothalamus, such as coffee and green tea. It counters the absurdity of using thermogenic stimulants. It uncovers the absolute taproot of weight issues and disease. It bypasses all the useless willpower pep talks. It offers a superior sustainable process capable of liberating one from a lifelong nightmare of literal food addiction.


The fact is that the more quickly excess fat reserves can be disposed of the better. Excess fat torments every system in the body with false hormonal signaling and needs to be released in order for the body to find rest in a hormonal balance. For this reason, the real danger has been in not understanding how to access the sustainability of weight loss.


Though it uses a few components of the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadatrophin) diet it is far better in every respect and accomplishes this without any chemicals. And although written for the Christian community, everyone can utilize these methods and recipes.


The follow-up and maintenance stage for this diet is The God Food Diet. Or if you don't care about losing weight quickly and you just want the absolute healthiest way of eating, then The God Food Diet would be the ultimate choice to make.



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