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Most of us are pacifists by nature - a residue from the womb-like garden we were designed for. But pacifists are not happy campers because the nature of this present life refuses to line up with their ideologies. Whether with a nation, a church or an individual, God has a way of orchestrating events to pin each of us in a corner until we will come out fighting.


You may be attending a fellowship such as, Monday night prayer, Tuesday night cell group, Wednesday night Bible study, or Friday night singles, but find you still have a longing to be part of a more dynamic gathering anointed with the powerful purposes designed by God with a camaraderie that you can't even imagine.


Do you want your life to mean the most that any one life possibly could? The True Holy War does not engage some religious or national opponent but an enemy within the recesses of one’s own soul that opposes obedience to God. 


This Training Manual is tightly bound by the Word of God but loosely outlined to afford necessary leeway for following a living dynamo of a Commander as opposed to a dead-file full of commands. Its purpose is to inspire a fighting, spirited, courage in His saints. Fellowship is the instrument God designed to bring victory on every level from the individual arena up to the national stage.


The saving of a nation, historically according to scripture, is not first and foremost accomplished through military maneuvering, pacifism, political strategizing or even through prayer. There is, and has always been, but one way to save a nation . . . obedience. That obedience requires participation in This Present Warfare.



 Things Change. Life’s Awesome. Be Ready!




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