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­­Perhaps Once in any field of endeavor, is an answer found that will remain relevant throughout one's life. Ultimately "God Food" is that crucial solitary key  to regain and sustain lifelong Health.


The Barrage of never ending diet books tend to be band aids for a societal disease - but one which requires spiritual surgery. And its source is finally exposed in these pages.


Never Again will one have to search for temporary solutions in this arena. Find a rare enduring liberty in simply partaking of any food you like, that is still recognizable as . . . something that God made.


Jesus' First temptation involved food. Man's first temptation involved food. The challenge echoes down through the ages to the daily battlefield of the mind and it involves your food.


God Food leads into a parallel training ground for sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. It becomes a means for resolving an underlying issue that has plagued each individual throughout history, until by finally yielding to His Grace . . . they're triumphant.


In this maintenance stage for the weight loss protocol of The Saints Diet, one will find that in addressing our need to be Fit For Battle in life, we don't have to starve in sacrifice or eat objectionable things reported to make us healthy. One can simply partake of . . . His Food.


But many, like Adam and Eve, even knowing they shouldn't, want to consume food which they see. The Tree of Knowledge looked good to them - counterfeit food - and they assumed that it would make them wise and that it would not kill them. Many today are still trapped in The Lie.


It beckoned to them with its instant wisdom just like all the books, nutrition charts, and seminars do today. But God Food is more than a rescue for one's health and more than an alternative affordable healthcare plan. Its intent is to lead one more fully into His Spirit.


Today we are always looking for super foods and magic pills and new ideas that lead us down counterfeit paths. Yet God's admonition that obedience is better than sacrifice means all we have to to is just eat His real food . . . The Truth.


The first temptation in the Garden at the beginning of man's walk on Earth, was about Food Choice. After a 40 day fast, the first temptation suggested by the devil at the beginning of Jesus' ministry on Earth, was to make Food out of something that was not Real Food - something dead - not Alive, Juicy, Fresh, Sweet, and Perfect.


The Tree of Knowledge is where one gets into trouble. The Food Issue was at the very inception of the Holy War within the heart of man and to this day still rages all around us. The Army of God has been deceived from Day One into not grasping the utmost importance of getting this Food Issue Corrected.


But the Tree of Life is where one goes to get out of trouble. So now . . . let the trumpet sound for battle . . . for a call back to our God given birthright of Health, by the perfectly simple means of God Food!


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