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               Freedom ........ is why the Liberty Bible was born

                                  Freedom from hidden changes

                                               Freedom to understand           

                                              Freedom to read easily

                                                          Freedom to study

                                                                     Freedom to learn

                                                                                Freedom to enjoy

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Volume 1  The Law     Genesis-Deuteronomy

First five books of the Old Testament 438 pages

               Includes Free Media Shipping      $15.00

Volume 2 The History     Joshua-Job

The next 13 books of the Old Testament 765 pages

               Includes Free Media Shipping      $18.00

Volume 3 Psalms & Proverbs

The next 2 books of the Old Testament 265 pages

              Includes Free Media Shipping ­    ­  $13.00

Volume 4 The Prophets     Ecclessiastes-Malachi

The next 19 books of the Old Testament 700 pages

              Includes Free Media Shipping       $18.00

Volume 5  New Testament     Matthew-Revelation

Paperback color cover 6x9 black text 710 pages

              Includes Free Media Shipping       $18.00

Where the Spirit of the Lord is . . . is liberty (2 Corinthians 3:17)



A Call For Liberty

It is the number one bestselling book of all time . . . and yet when estimates report that as high as 90% of Christians have not read through the whole Bible even once - that is a challenge to overcome . . . but uniquely suited to The Liberty International Bible (LIB).


For years there has been a great expectation that some really different new Bible would come on the market. But the problem is that by its very nature one should not want a Bible version that takes any liberties in translation. So there are only so many synonyms that can be exchanged in the various translations to present it as something new.


It is The Liberty format that makes it so different. It is incredibly liberating in how easily and quickly it can be scanned while vastly improving comprehension.


It is an innovative version free of punctuation in a modern restructuring of the original text with an inviting artistic appearance. Its format enables the LIB to promote focused attention in a way no other versions have done before.


The scriptural precedent for The Liberty Bible format is based on Precept upon precept line upon line . . . this is the rest with which you may cause the weary to rest and this is the refreshing . . . Word of the Lord (Isaiah 28:10-13). The Liberty is the only Bible that has literally taken this directive to heart.


The lines of scripture are grouped together like stanzas and where each line can serve as a contemplative pause before moving on to the next and finally gathering more full, clear and refreshing insights.


The parallel Authorized King James Version instills confidence in The Liberty Bible accuracy since anyone can clearly see the changes made because they are highlighted in the KJV column, in a way that no parallel editions offer.


The Liberty is truly a refreshing modern classic with a dynamic style that showcases the grandeur of the Word of God like none other!




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